Which Are the Best Golf Shoes

Posted on Jul 6, 2016

In golf, stability and balance are keywords for achieving perfect shots and for minimizing the handicap of the golfer. In this matter, the golf shoes the player is wearing are very important and they should be comfortable and provide a strong grip. If you don’t want to blame your shoes for the faulty shots on the golf course, here are the best models of golf shoes you can choose from.

The spikeless shoes are taking over the market

The golf shoes have evolved lately in every aspect, from design to performance and nowadays, manufacturers try to combine the aspect with the utility and the help they can give the golfer during the shot, thanks to their stability and grip. Although in the past the spike shoes were the most sought after and were considered the most efficient model, the spikeless shoes have taken over the market and became as popular and efficient as their spike siblings, with the advantage of being lighter, easier to wear and more elegant than the spike ones. As their design continues to improve, more and more amateur and professional players will switch to the spikeless golf shoes.

Spikeless shoes are as efficient as the spike ones

Most golfers who have not tried the spikeless model believe it is not as stable and comfortable as the one with spikes and that it does not offer the same grip, which is totally wrong. The spikeless golf shoes offer the same strong grip as the spike ones, only they do not damage the course as much, which is one of their biggest advantages. Manufacturers have studied the changing of the pressure point on the foot during the golf swing and have managed to come up with the design of the spikeless golf shoes that have different sized nubs on the bottom of the shoe to make sure the player will not slip during the swing.

The spikeless shoes are comfortable and convenient

Also, the spikeless shoes are lighter and much more comfortable that the traditional ones with plastic or metal spikes, which means your feet will feel better after walking on the course in the spikeless shoes. Not to mention that the spikeless model is more stylish and elegant because there are no spikes coming out of the sole in the bottom, thus your look will be more modern and elegant. The spikeless shoes are more convenient, can be worn on any type of course, are easier to clean and you can forget about replacing the damaged spikes.