Top Fairway Woods

Posted on Feb 7, 2015

If you’re an experienced golf player or an amateur who enjoys playing, you probably already know that if you want to have good results the golf club must be carefully chosen. When it comes to reaching long distances, fairway woods are the main option. Top fairway woods provide a lot of great features and functions, such as increasing the speed of the ball, providing a higher launch or less spin. Here are some of the most popular fairway woods.


LOFTS (adjustable): 3-4 wood (from 13 to 16 degrees); 5-7 wood (from 17 to 20 degrees)
The Cobra Bio cell which features a crown in the form of a light weighted shape, is designed to launch the ball higher and easier. The compact head frames the ball entirely, and as a result the sound at impact is much softer. Also, the adjustable hosel grants eight loft settings, while the sole allows the face angle to stay square at address, no matter the loft.


STREET PRICE:$200/$230
LOFTS: 14, 16, 19, 22 for Tight Lies (shown); 14.5, 18
The new design of the slots(in the crown) and sole allows the ball to increase the launch angle and to boost the speed of the ball. Also, the compact standard version launches the ball lower with less spins. A great feature of this wood golf club consists in its power, it offers more long and straight hits.


LOFTS: 15, 17, 19, 21, 23 (adjustable)
The Taylormade Jetspeed comes with a smaller sole slot filled with polymer. This keeps any debris away while allowing the face to flex. The increased spin and speed of the ball is the result of the weight shifted within the clubhead. Also, the height from sole to crown is almost 36 mm, which makes the club more functional off and on the field.


LOFTS: 15, 16.5, 18, 21
The external sole weight pushes the CG farther and lower, hence providing a higher launch on shots that are mainly off-center. Moreover, the club face is thin, thicker in the center of the club and much thinner facing the perimeter. These features enhance the ball speed and the transfer of energy at impact. Plus, you are left with a feeling of security thanks to the stability in the Ping G25 club.


LOFTS (adjustable): 13.5, 15, 17, 19, 21 for 913F (shown); 13.5, 15, 18 for 913F.d
The thin crown and flat sole push the CG lower for less spin. The 913F has only 157 cubic cm which makes it more compact, while the 913F.d has 188cc with a deep face. Also, there are five stock shafts and an adjustable hosel. The Titleist 913F/913F.D is quiet, making the player feel like he has total control on field.

Mizuno JPX 850

Street Price: $250
Lofts: 15, 18, 21
The Mizuno is a popular fairway wood which has a wave structured sole designed to increase distance. Also, another feature of the Mizuno fairway wood consists in the thin crown. The weight is rearranged to decrease the spin for a longer distance. The three heads are adjustable in 8 different ways, so that the lofts range goes from 13 to 23 degrees.