Top 5 Hybrids

Posted on Jan 11, 2015

Besides the golf balls, the golf game also implies various types of clubs that are specially designed to fit any type of course and to perform shots from various distances. Such a club type is the hybrid, a mixture of two types of clubs, an iron and a wood, that combines the swing of an iron with the forgiveness of a wood. Hybrids were designed to fit the needs of the golfers whenever the iron or the fairway wood clubs failed to perform a particular shot and this type of club has gained popularity among many golfers. Below you will find five of the best and most sought after hybrid golf clubs that can help you get a perfect shot.

Adams Red Hybrid

This elegant looking club has a small head that can cope with a variety of lies and that can reduce the turf contact thanks to its upside down design. This club looks great from any angle because the slot in the sole and the slot in the crown have been filled, making the club look stunning behind the ball without being intimidating. The slots also provide more forgiveness on the shots and offer a high flight to quickly stop the shots in the greens. The Adam Red Hybrid has an adjustability system with weights in the sole that can be moved around to affect the shot, and the sound and feel on this club are excellent, feeling solid but not hard.

Ping i25 Hybrids

The i25 combine the esthetics of an iron with the durability and flexibility of a hybrid, offering more ease in aim and control because of the compressed profile and the straight edge. The narrow head and the squared toe provide better turf interaction and strong contact while the more forward axis offer a higher launch and low-spin trajectory. These hybrid combine the traditional shape with the latest technology to create a stunning looking club with maximum performance.

Callaway Big Bertha Hybrids

This hybrid features a Hyper Speed Face Cup all across its face for higher ball speed and faster center and off-center hits and the versatility of this model is playable for different shots, especially high launches, but it also offers maximum forgiveness and speed from a low center of gravity. This is the first type of hybrid that offers adjustability thanks to the Optifit hosel that allows you to adjust the lie, loft and shot shape.

Adams Tight Lies

The hidden and effective slots in the crown and sole limit the distance loss and offer maximum ease of use. The shallow face and the way the sole lifts ant the toe and heel make this hybrid even more forgiving and suitable for every lie.

Nike Vapor Speedflex

The channel in the front part of the sole of this hybrid club bends with the face during the impact with the course to offer you extra pop. The small face of the Nike Vapor Speed finds ways to improve the distance of the shot and the sole cavity means there is less weight to mitigating the spin, but enough stability to improve your imperfect shots.