Pivot Pro Review

Posted on Nov 8, 2014

Pivot Pro is a golf tool designed to help the golf player to take a correct position on the golf course and is a great golf training aid that allows the golfer to fully load and maximize their resistance in the swing. For any golfer, this pivoting aid means game improvement, resistance, proper body swift and powerful shots. Find out from the review below how the Pivot Pro pivoting aid can help you perfect your tactics and improve your game.

What is the Pivot Pro training aid

The GolfJOC Pivot Pro Golf Training Aid is a pivot training aid that was created for golfers of all calibers and age to help them adjust their body posture during the swing. It has an easy-to-use design with adjustable straps and a quick-release buckle that fits any shoe size, it is light-weight and made of special professional materials so that it will only work to your benefit, to help you achieve good shots. Unlike other golf training aids, the Pivot Pro was designed to be used during practice games and it easily fits any golf bag.

Pivot Pro will help you master the golf game

Pivot Pro is designed to ingrain proper pivoting motion to assure proper coiling of your chest against a braced back leg. This way, it helps you maximize the resistance between your upper and lower parts of your body, which will result in more power, equal weight distribution and consistency of the shot, thus in a better swing and shot. Having a Pivot Pro is like having your own personal golf trainer to guide and correct your moves. Using the Pivot Pro, you will learn how to incorporate the proper pivoting motion in your swing, which is an important aspect that must be constantly monitored and perfected throughout your practice. Even professional golfers use the Pivot Pro and state that it has helped them improve their swing and pivoting control.

The benefits of the Pivot Pro

There are many benefits to using the Pivot Pro golf aid, like building the resistance, the weight shift, the proper footwork and generating effortless power and consistency in your golf shot. The main benefit is that it keeps you safe and away from accidents, by controlling your body posture and assuring weight distribution. Another benefit is that it helps you to load properly and it stops hip swaying that can result from a poor weight shift. The Pivot Pro also prevents the casting of the club and keeps your club centered on the ball, it prevents reverse pivoting and helps you to master a powerful coil, to improve your spin angle and to master proper balance and footwork.