How to Teach Your Child to Play Golf

Posted on May 18, 2015

The Junior Golf Industry has expanded significantly over the last years, as the number of Junior-only training aid, equipment and apparel companies has increased considerably comparing to the past decade. Therefore, the opportunities for participating to junior tours are endless, so all you have to do is teach your child to play golf. Here are some rules that you need to respect in order to show your kid how advantageous this sport can be.

Allow your child to have fun

Regardless if you want your child to play golf for recreational purposes or for building a career, you must ensure that he is having fun. Moreover, no matter how old your little one is, it is important to show him that passion is more important than anything, as doing something with pleasure is the key to success. So, this is the point where you have to start from when planning the steps towards your child’s skills development.

Give them the freedom they need to discover their talent

Most parents make the mistake of telling their children what position to adopt, how to swing and how to achieve a correct grip from the start, without allowing them to explore first. Not letting your child to make mistakes will prevent him from correcting his faults in a way that will help him discover what works best for him. So, you must offer him the possibility to call his own shots, because only that way he will get the chance to explore and learn what strategy to adopt for his specific needs.

Search for the right equipment

When juniors are offered inadequate equipment, they might get the feel that playing golf is too difficult, and they might give up this sport for the wrong reasons. Therefore, in order to teach your child how to play this game, it is important to ensure that the clubs that he uses are not too heavy, long or stiff. In order to find the best equipment for your little one, you need to consider his height, his strength and his grip, as these factors can help him perfect his swing, and therefore, his scores.

Offer him rewards for his efforts

Everything you say and do while teaching your child to play golf should encourage him to continue to practice this sport. Therefore, always have a reward ready for reinforcing your kid’s confidence. If you didn’t have time to buy ice cream or something else, we advise you to turn to verbal rewards and praise his shot when he hits a good shot, and his swing in case that he hits a bad shot.