How to Make More Long Golf Putts

Posted on Nov 14, 2014

The difference between high handicappers and low handicappers in putting is a long putt, so if you are looking for ways to improve your score, you need to practice on your long putts, which require distance control rather than hitting the ball on an intended line. However, most golf players have problems with distance control, so these tips on gaining control in order to make long golf putt will help you improve your game.

Focus on the target, not on the ball

The secret for a good putt is to focus on the hole instead of on the ball, which can be very difficult for most golfers. If you would throw the ball with your hand, it would be easier for you to look at the target, but since you are using a putter to send the ball to the hole, you are forced to focus on your swing. In order to regain the distance control, you should keep your eyes on the target during the swing and one way of doing so is to feel the weight of the putter head without gripping it too tight. By gripping the putter softly, you will be able to feel the weight and to gain your balance during the swing.

Aim for the fringe

A good tip for making long putts is to think about distance, not direction, because you are more likely to hit a put that is 10 feet short than one that is 10 feet wide, so distance is the key. Throw some balls on the practice course and putt to the far fringe to see how close you can get to the edge, without worrying where you hit the putt along the fringe, but how far your putt went. By practicing like this, you will manage to predict how far your ball will roll.

Keep a correct body posture

Your body posture is very important during your putting and it can help you make longer putts. First of all, relax your arms and release all the pressure in your body. Instead of thinking about hitting hard, try to create a smooth and solid contact with the ball. Also, keep your head still to manage to hit the sweet spot of your putter and try to keep your eyes focused on the spot where the ball was before you hit it.

Take advantage of the practice swing

In long putts, practice swing helps you achieve the sense of distance and it is best that you hit your putt within 8 seconds after your practice swing, otherwise you will lose the feel you gained during your practice swing.