How to Hit Golf Bunker Shots

Posted on May 10, 2015

A bunker shot is no more difficult than a normal shot. Only, with practice you will realize how easy it is to hit a golf bunker shit.
Each course has sand bunker whose texture may vary. It is when you walk in the bunker that you will be able to account for the amount of sand and texture of it. Here are some tips on how to manage hitting golf bunker shots.

Examine the nature of the sand

Depending on the weather and course maintenance, sand bunkers will be more or less humid and more thick. The more the sand is fine and dry, the more you will have to open the head of your club to make a good shot. Conversely, in a waterlogged bunker, keep the natural angle of the club and position the club head very close to the ball.

Keep an open club face

One of the keys to actually get out of a bunker is to keep the face of the club wide and open. If it is too closed, the trajectory of the ball will be very low and you will tend to dig in the sand. Here’s a tip for you to well open the club face: imagine that the club face is a mirror, and when you make your shot, you should see your reflection in it. And you will strive to implement a swing to eye level and keep an open face club.

Basic technique of bunker shots

Bunker output is often a burden for novice golfers. This shot is fairly basic in its technical means but very mentally challenging. Indeed, the player is very close to the flag (a few meters away) and has yet to add a certain speed to the club. This is pretty impressive at firs. Tip: Exercise your first bunker shot with a professional player in order not to miss too many shots.

Scrape off the top of the turf

When you’re on the fairway, sometimes touching the ground can scrape off the top of the turf and therefore creating a divot. When you get out of the bunker, imagine creating a sand divot. In the bunker, you have to hit the sand under the ball, and therefore send a thin layer of sand toward the hole. Position yourself with your feet facing slightly left of your target and aim the club to the target. Push your feet in the sand, open the club face, and splash the sand towards the flag. The ball will follow!

Get out of difficult positions – Keep it simple

Many golfers make a bunker shot to seem more difficult than it really is. They think it is always out of the bunker with an explosive swing, striking out the sand before the ball, which is not evident in the first instance for a beginner golfer. Often the position of the ball is good enough to hit a normal golf shot. If the ball lies on the sand, do not hesitate to take your pitching wedge for the exit, making a swing as usual. Also, lower your hands on the shaft and even touch the metal underneath the leather if it is not too uncomfortable. Second, look at the left half of the ball rather than the right half (for a swing on the fairway, it is advisable to look at the right side of the ball in general). You will need to have all the elements to easily out of a situation that you thought delicate.

Bunker shot on the fairway

In a stroke of 150 meters coming out of the bunker, you have to catch the least amount of sand and hit the ball with perfect contact. Position your hands a little down on your shaft and do not push your feet as to output the bunker near the green. Stay at the surface! Put the ball closer to the back foot to take the least amount of sand and swing.