How to Choose Your Golf Clubs

Posted on Apr 12, 2015

This is it, this season you have taken the plunge, you took some lessons and played a few games. You are now officially part of the large golfing community. But there’s one thing missing: you do not have your own equipment. The golf clubs are the basis of your golf equipment, so you must carefully choose them. However, you’ll see that it’s not so difficult. Just follow these guidelines for finding the best beginner golf clubs.

Know what type of player you are

When shopping for beginner golf clubs, it is important to have a clue of the type of golfer that you are. Choosing golf clubs largely depends on your level of play and especially on the time that you devote to this hobby. If you start training, you must first become familiar with the different equipment used during practice. Rent clubs will therefore be largely the case here. After a while, you have to buy your own set of golf clubs. At this point, there are two solutions available for you. The cheapest is to buy a half set, available at less than $100, which is ideal for beginners. Start with a half-series consisting of a bag with six clubs: three irons, woods, putter and a sand wedge. This set is available at around $150. Otherwise, if you feel that you will become addicted soon, you can immediately invest in a complete and better set. The “professional” set increases comfort and improves the player’s performance. However, it costs more, prices easily exceeding $500.

What’s the amount of golf clubs that I need to buy?

A minimum of 7 golf clubs are essential:1 or 3 woods(driver), half sets 3, 5, 7, 9 irons, sand wedge and a putter.
Woods are the clubs with a big face which is used to propel the ball at the tee shot (when the ball is placed on a tee). Irons are for intermediate strokes, they can hit the ball at different distances according to their opening angle, 9 (shortest distance) to 3 (longest distance). The sand wedge is an iron with a wide sole for use out of sand bunkers and the putter is used for short distances, to roll the ball into the hole. You can have more than 7 clubs, 14 being the maximum allowed in competition.

What’s the most appropriate length for golf clubs?

All players must use standard length clubs unless they are small or large. The standard length clubs allow players to hit the ball in the center at a higher percentage than before, increasing distance and accuracy. When you increase the length, you increase the distance. The longer head generates speed, so more distance. However, the higher the stick is, the more difficult it is to control it, thus you have less accuracy.
If you are very tall, you will encounter difficulties playing properly with standard sticks because you’ll be too focused. In your case, it is better to get custom golf clubs. You pay more than on standard clubs, but you’ll avoid injuring your back and thus save on medical costs.

Which golf brand is the best for me?

For a beginner, all brands are equal great as long as you do not buy an obscure sub-brand. With a sub-brand, you may feel like you had a bargain but you will know quickly why: manufactured in low-quality materials, your clubs are sure to break in a short time. Therefore, if you want to get durable golf clubs it is better to invest in famous brands such as Taylormade, Callaway, MacGregor, Cleveland, Cobra, Ping, Nike, Titleist and Mizuno.
Of course, these quality products are expensive, $ 300 for a set of irons, plus wood ($ 100), the wedge ($ 50), the putter ($ 50) and bag ($ 50). So count $ 550 for a decent set.
This purchase represents a significant investment but if you know hot to maintain them, these golf clubs will last you for more than 20 years and more.