How Is a Golf Course Maintained Throughout the Year?

Posted on Sep 30, 2014

You’ve probably already asked yourself if mowing a golf course was the same as in your garden. You may also be interested to find out what devices you need for the maintenance of a golf course. Also, how do you maintain a golf course during winter? To satisfy your curiosity, we’ll answers all these questions. Contrary to what one may think, to care for a golf course is no more complicated than maintaining a football field every day. Nevertheless, there are many rules to follow, developed from the golf requirements and imagination of an architect.

Things must be done in the proper order

A golf course is not very easy to maintain, as most people would think. The maintenance work should be all balanced and well though of. The greens, bunkers, fairways, wooded areas, the distance between the start and the green … are taking care of first. Only the shape of the course follows the most aesthetic criteria, according to the landscape architect. But otherwise, everything is taking care of in advance to allow for an optimal game of golf.

Golf courses must be mowed frequently

Two types of mowers are used when mowing the golf field: helical blade for very fine cuts, very short and of high quality and rotary blade for fairways. But the material is not the only element to take into account. Indeed, the frequency of mowing is important. The golf course has to be mowed every day or every two days maximum for different areas.

Bunkers and landscaping

Another element that you have to remember is that you must also deal with bunkers and trees nearby. For the bunkers, you need a weeding two times a year with an intake of sand or a remodeling twice a year. There are also small tractors specially designed for the maintenance of bunkers, once a week to play a role on aesthetics. Regarding trees and small brushes, it is all about landscape maintenance.

How golf courses are maintained during winter

As winter arrives, the golf course is not as accessible and easy to maintain… With the arrival of freezing temperatures and frost, we will be forced to do some changes. But it’s for a good cause. The management and maintenance of the course are dependent on weather conditions. Sometimes such conditions do not allow the passage of carts because passing and strong trampling on the soil surface leads to mud formation. During winter, we need to replace lawnmowers with the top snow blowers. Snow blowers are powerful devices designed to remove heavy snow. These efficient devices are of great help in removing a great amount of snow from the golf course. If you take a look at reviews of the top snow blowers, you will see that these devices are also used for homes. Nevertheless, the ones used for home are a lot smaller. For golf courses, tractor snow blowers are the ones most commonly used, and sometimes even tow behind attachments.