Golf Tips from Professional Players

Posted on Apr 16, 2015

Every amateur golfer dreams of the day when they will achieve the performance of great professional golfers. To help them improve their game, some professional golf players decided to share their secrets and practice tips to every amateur player who wants to learn how to play golf in the right way. Check out the following golf tips from professional players and develop your own strategy in improving your game.

Zach Johnson’s slice fix

To straighten a slice, Zach Johnson advises you to use a strong right-hand grip that actually makes it easier for you to catch the ball since there is one less moving part in the motion. As you take position, check to see if your right forefinger and thumb form a V pointing at your right shoulder. When you start your backswing, avoid snatching the club up too quickly and lifting it above the plane. Instead, do the backswing as slow and comfortable as you can, rotate your shoulders, hips and the club as much as you can, keep your left arm straight so that you will avoid over-rotating and you will manage to set the club on plane when you reach the top.

Ernie Els’s natural swing

During this golfer career, Ernie Els became popular for his long swing that looks effortless, although the club is moving at impact with an amazing speed of 130 m/h. The secret to it is that you try to find the pace that gives you your best shots. If you are an active person with an alert rhythm, you will have a quicker shot while slow people who talk in long sentences and walk slowly along the fairway are smooth swingers. To perform a natural swing, the drill is to tee up 4 balls in a row and hit them one after another without pausing. By the third ball, you ill have achieved a natural swing that will help you get excellent shots on the course.

Nick Watney trick of turning weakness into strength

Although it is a natural instinct to avoid the things you are not good at, the professional golfer Nick Watney tells you to find ways of turning your flaws into qualities instead of hiding them. He was a world-class player, but he had some trouble with the wedges, meaning he took the club back too far and lost strength in the impact in order to produce the right distance, so he decided to do something about it. He worked on a strategy also used by Phil Mickelson that involves placing towels on the course every 15 or 20 yards and practice in moving the arms and body in the same way, so that you will find the right balance of your body. This way, Nick managed to lead the 2011 tour on shots within 100 yards.