Check These 10 Golf Gadgets to Improve Your Game

Posted on May 6, 2017

In any golf player lays the potential for greatness, even if that person only plays the sport as a pass-time. To release the lord of the swing that you harness inside, you could use the help of revolutionary golf gadgets that make certain elements of the game easier and aid you to polish your skills overall. Check out the must-have modern gadgets that are truly capable of improving your golf game listed in this article and you are ensured that regardless of your choice or choices, you will lower your handicap and step up your game.

#1 – Arccos On-Course Golf Swing Analyzer

Pair each sensor that comes with the Arccos On-Course to the appropriate club in your collection, and you’ll receive instant swing analysis with every shot. Automatically tracking your swings, this golf swing analyzer conveys a convenient manner to keep an eye on your stats. By constantly being aware of each shot’s quality, you will be able to pinpoint what changes need to be done and why. Additionally, the Tour Analytics platform that the analyzer’s mobile app features gives useful indications in terms of game improvement.

#2 – TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder

Laser rangefinders are in high demand among golf players as these gadgets allow an overview of the course and all the obstacles on it. Being capable of measuring up to an impressive distance of 540 yards, the TecTecTec VPRO500 boasts an additional performance aspect that makes it highly desirable, more precisely its 1-yard accuracy. The Pinsensor technology that it comes with allows it to measure overlapping subjects, so if you want to zoom in on a flag that has bushes or trees in front of it, the rangefinder won’t get stuck and deliver the wrong distance.

#3 – Garmin Approach S4 GPS Golf Watch

A stylish wearable that you will become addicted to using fast is the Garmin Approach S4 GPS watch. The high-resolution touchscreen that it features provides a clear view of the stats that interest you, so you won’t have difficulties with the gadget. It comes preloaded with more than 30000 courses worldwide. This means that there are little to no chances for you to arrive on a course and find that its map isn’t already loaded into the watch. Also, this GPS watch features a button that you press to see the actual shape and layout of the green when playing.

#4 – Laser Putter Golf Training Aid

Putting is for some a strong point, but for most players, it’s a game element that needs to be worked on. The Laser Putter golf training aid released by Mark-Tech as well as other similar golf gadgets come to the aid of those in need to improve their putting. The laser line that the training aid lies on the ground allows you to find the right trajectory easily, thus reducing the chances that you might miss the hole. Practice makes perfect, as they say, and if you practice enough with this gadget, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by your improvement.

#5 – Cobra King K7 Smart Driver

A connected golf club sounds like a dream come true for any golf player out there. Knowing the desire of players to improve, Cobra designed and manufactured the King K7, a revolutionary smart driver that is sure to change gameplay for the better. One of the driver’s highlights is the fact that it’s equipped with no less than three center of gravity settings that endorse maximum distance with each shot. Designed to bring out the best golf player in you, it’s a gadget that we strongly recommend you use.

#6 – GolfBuddy Voice GPS

A fun and useful golf gadget that you need is the GolfBuddy Voice GPS. To help lower your handicap by guiding you to make more precise shots, it features audio distance information. This means that it tells you what the distance to the next hole is so that you won’t have to check and see this stat after every shot. Also, it’s preloaded with an impressive 35000+ courses, and it delivers precise distance measurements to the front, center, and back.

#7 – Game Golf Live Tracking System

The real-time shot tracking provided by the Game Golf Live tracking system combined with its high convenience in use delivered by the manner in which it mounts makes it a definite must-have. It features the Insights-See technology that delivers shot dispersion patterns as well as club distances, allowing you to improve more sensitive areas of your game. It automatically tracks shot data so that you don’t have to waste time on manual work with it. Additionally, it allows you to compete with friends and other golf players from all over the world by comparing stats.

#8 – Mizuno JPX900 Driver

Another smart driver that is a must-have in your collection is the Mizuno JPX900. Designed to send any ball you hit as far away as possible, it dramatically reduces chances of miss-hits. It’s an adaptable driver that allows the player to create customized launch angles and spin rates that are suited for each shot, thus guaranteeing a perfect end result to all swings.

#9 – Bushnell Neo Ghost GPS

This tournament legal GPS golf gadget easily fits into your pocket, so you can conveniently carry it with you when playing an amiable round of golf with friends as well as when you’re competing in a local tournament and want to gain the upper hand in order to win the title. Pre-loaded with well over 30000 courses, it ensures that you won’t be caught off-guard regardless of the destination that you’re heading to play your favorite sport. Additionally, it features automatic course recognition that takes the hassle out of using it, and easy to read distances.

#10 – Leupold Gx-3I2 Rangefinder

The second golf rangefinder to appear on our list, the Gx-3I2 from Leupold deserves to make an appearance as it comes with innovative features that add to its performance and usefulness. Possessing an astounding 6x magnification capability, this rangefinder will deliver a clear view of your target. This feature combined with the 325-yard field of view makes it a must-have for lowering your handicap. Additionally, the 6-degree angular field of view guarantees a clear sight when using it.