Best Blade Putters

Posted on Feb 19, 2015

The putter is a club used in low distance and low-speed shots that aim to put the ball in the hole. It is differentiated by other clubs by a flat and low-profile clubhead and non-circular grips and bent shafts that make it perfect for close distance shots. From all the clubs in a golfer’s bag, the putter is the closest to being indispensable. While no other club is specifically required, the putter is a highly specialized item that should be present in any golf bag because most courses have roughs and fringes that are perfect for putting.

Choose the right putter for your game

Putting is very important in a golf game and given that the putter is crucial for a perfect shot, the golfer must choose it carefully and must make sure they get the best one that will offer precision and stability. Blade putters are the latest models, that have been developed and improved in terms of technologies, texture and materials, stability and launch. Here are some of the best blade putters you can choose from.

Nike Method Converge

Nike has injected resin polymer between the face and the back to widen the sweet spot and to help you hit the center of the face. This putter is available in one blade version and one counterbalanced blade version, both designed to meet the golfer’s requests.

Bettinardi BB1

This leader manufacturer in high-end putters creates items that combine the stylish design and the performance and has designed this blade putter with a classic head shape that offers balance precision and minimal toe hang.

Odyssey Tank Cruiser Series

This putter comes in different sizes, depending on the needs and tastes of any golfer. Odyssey Golf has designed an entire lot of great performance putters with a soft feel and adjustable weights on the sole for more versatility.

Ping Cadence TR

The company offers two versions, one with heavy insert for smoother golfers and one with a standard weight for quicker golfers. This putter is available in five blade models and one counterbalanced blade.

SeeMore PTM

For years, this reliable manufacturer has offered perfect aiming for imperfect golf players, and this improved models also provides precision in every angle of the shot.

TaylorMade New Spider Blade

This blade putter with a heavy grip places the balance point closer to the hands and makes the shot more powerful and consistent by stabilizing the club.