Basic Golf Terms You Must Learn Before Reaching a Competitive Level

Posted on Jan 20, 2018

A golfer’s main pleasure is to play at competitive levels to show their skills. If you want to be one of the champions in golf, you must first learn the basic terms so you know what to work on in order to reach the competitions. This article will provide you with the necessary information. Let’s start with the basics and then we will give you extra tips on what to use to perfect your game.

  • An Axis:

This refers to your upper body rotation whilst you swing. It’s important to know this term because a constant ball-striking means consistent remain of body position.

  • Backspin:

The rotating movement of the ball as it came into contact with the ball. The more forceful you hit the ball, the more you will send it spinning and the higher it will go. If you send it with a high backspin, when the ball reaches the pitch it will bounce to another place.

  • Chunk:

This term will refer when the ball is badly hit. You will hear this term being used when the commentator suggests that too much green was hit just before the ball was hit. The more turf you hit, the worse your shot will be.

  • Dead Hands:

If you hit the ball relatively slow, you will be described as having dead hands. Your ball will fly a shorter distance because you didn’t hit it at the correct speed.

  • Explosion:

If you want to play at a competitive level, you will be faced with a variety of pitches. An explosion is when you hit the ball from a sand banker that is deep in the sand. These shots can be truly spectacular.

  • Floater:

This is when the ball travels a shorter distance because of the cushioning effect which forms when you hit a ball that is deep into the grass. As a consequence, the golf ball will travel slowly and will probably not be a winning ball.

  • Grip:

This is the positioning of the hands on the club. There are many ways in which you can hold it. One of them can be the 10-finger locking grip, the interlocking technique which can be achieved by interlocking your fingers and the overlapping which is easier to use for beginners.

  • Inside-to-In:

This refers to when the swing, the hit, and you axis are equal. These create a perfect percentage that sends the ball on-target. Commentators will often use this term when they describe a player that has improved its skills.

  • Looking Up:

This is when the player lifts its head constantly and prematurely to follow the path of the ball. This has a negative impact on the center of the swing which can result in dysfunctional ball-striking.

  • Pre-Shot Routine:

This is when the player takes some time to choose the perfect club for the following shot. It’s important to take this time because your winning ball can depend on the club that you chose. We advise you that you take a variety of clubs with you so you can have choices.

These are the key terms which you have to learn in order to become a successful player at a competitive level. You must focus and remember these terms because they are here to help you. However, knowing terms isn’t enough. You must also use certain devices so you can further your chances of becoming a champion. The two devices which are more important are the golf rangefinders and the golf simulator.

Golf rangefinders

If you want to be a successful golf player, you must be up to date with the latest technologies. It’s important that you purchase things in order to help you achieve your golf. A Golf Rangefinder is gadget which helps you to calculate the distance between fix points, for example, a bush and the flag. As you progress in golf, you will eventually learn how to do it yourself but if you’re a beginner you must buy one to help you get started. A golf rangefinder is a necessity rather than a spend. You will be pleased to know that you do not need to have a smartphone to have this option. A rangefinder can be worn as a watch or a stand-alone device like a clip on.

How can the device help you?

    • It collects data

The more time you spend playing, the better you become. This device stores your data history which will inevitably make you better. A rangefinder keeps the distance that you hit each time, this means that you will know how much speed you need to use for every distance you aim for. This is a great advantage because, in a competitive situation, you must be able to know what to use when.

Golf simulators

If you’re a shy golfer and fear judgment from the other players, you should try a golf simulator. This a virtual game of golf which you can use to practice your swings. After reading this, you may think that it’s similar to Wii Sports or simple golf games. It isn’t. The simulator is an innovative smart machine which analyzes your swing, calculates your speed and it mimics the real game. The game is basically like a virtual game which you can install in your home or office. Whenever you have free time you can practice your golf skills.

How can the device help you?

    • Sophisticated data gathering

The virtual game will allow you to play in different weather conditions and different golf courses. As you may be aware, that your game will vary depending on the pitches and have something to practice on is always a useful tool to use. You will be able to see how the ball reacts to your swings in a variety of fields. Then the simulator will store your swing angles when you launch the ball, speed at which you hit the ball and spin rates of the ball.