A Beginner’s Guide for Playing Golf

Posted on Dec 16, 2014

For beginners, golf might seem very complicated and intimidating, but then again, that is how every sport is perceived by those who don’t know how to play it. Therefore, you need to start playing golf in order to discover its beauty and all the benefits that it has to offer. Here is a guide that will show you where to begin from.

Getting the right golf clubs

For beginners, golf clubs don’t matter that much, because they need to work on other things before discovering the advantages of certain types of clubs. Therefore, we advise you to rent a set at the golf course and see which clubs suit you the most. Depending on your swing and strength, you can select golf equipment that can really help you improve your game. So, starting out, you shouldn’t spend huge amounts of money on golf clubs, because you might discover later that they can’t satisfy your requirements. When the time comes to buy your own set, we advise you not to consider a beginner’s set, because they are not of great quality, and you will probably want to upgrade after learning the basics of golf.

Golf gear that you’ll need for practice

After getting golf clubs, you need to focus on other items that are necessary for practicing this sport. Here is the gear that you’ll need to play at your best.

  • Golf balls and bag

Considering your lack of experience, you are going to lose a lot of balls at the beginning, which is why you should search for used balls on the Internet, and eliminate the risk of spending money on new balls that might get lost forever. As for the golf bag, we advise you to opt for a model with straps that can stand up automatically. To take your golf bag with you effortlessly, you could invest in a golf push cart and knowing the top golf push carts brands will narrow down your options and guarantee a satisfying purchase. Although not mandatory, a golf cart could make your golfing experience a lot smoother.

  • Tees and a divot repair tool

Tees are very affordable and practical, so you can buy them from any specialized store you like. The divot repair tool will help you repair the spots where your ball damages the greens upon landing.

  • Golf shoes and glove

Golf shoes can offer you lots of traction, helping you to increase your stability and therefore, your scores. However, keep in mind to search for footwear that comes with plastic spikes, because many courses don’t allow players to wear shoes with metal spikes. Buying a golf glove will offer you more grip, and it will eliminate the risk of callosity, so if your hands get very sweaty, you should invest money in this type of gear.